Do’s and Dont’s for Lead Generation:

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Do’s and Dont’s for Lead Generation:

For everything, there are always right and wrong ways to do things. What about in the world of lead generation?

Lead generation is quickly sweeping the nation as it has taken over the digital world. You can always benefit from lead generation, regardless of the industry you are in. You get an edge in your target market by driving traffic and harnessing the powers of brand awareness. It makes your target audience aware about what products and services your business can offer them. Successful lead generation is strategic but in specific ways. So, you can’t just jump in to lead generation and be successful, as it takes time, resources and knowledge.

Some do’s and dont’s for lead generation:

Do: Plan your successful lead generation: Lead generation is not simple. It is crucial on how you plan to generate leads. This could be through Facebook Adverts, Google Adverts or even organic Social Media Growth. Creating an outline of how you wish to generate the leads and how you plan on doing it is very important. With small milestones, ensure you can grow the business at the rate you want to and even include your budget for marketing so you don’t overspend. Also, to ensure you are successful at lead generation, you can state if you are going to do this within the business or outsourcing it.

Don’t: Dive straight in without a plan: It will jeopardise the business if you start lead generation without a plan. To ensure you and everyone within the business not only knows how you plan to move forward but also how you’re going to create success, you need a plan set in place.

Do: Be simple: Being simple is the key to successful lead generation. Potential customers will get scared if you throw loads of information at them. Keep your adverts short, simple and sweet. You reduce the chances of getting unqualified leads and people who are not interested in what you are selling by telling them straight away what you are selling, whether it is a service or product.

Don’t: Over complicate things: You could be scaring people off and reducing the chances of getting leads by overcomplicating lead generation, in turn reducing the successfulness of your lead generation. Most people respond well to shorter text, as they can digest the information, not only quicker but easier.

Do: Be organised: You need to know exactly what you’re doing every single second of the waking day and need to be organised for generating leads successfully. You must be meticulous in your approach and plan to always improve and grow your customer base, as you cannot do lead generation randomly.

Don’t: Get impatient when results aren’t immediate: When your efforts for successful lead generation aren’t working it is very easy to get frustrated and impatient. To get lead generation right, it takes time, trial and error and of course a vast amount of knowledge. Staying patient is the key to being successful. Just know that results might take months to first show, but they will then become sustainable and the leads will be rolling in.

Do: Use multiple routes: People, who tell you that you should only focus on one source of lead generation, are wrong. If you have just the one source for your lead generation, for example: Facebook Adverts, and if the social network goes down, you haven’t got a chance of getting a lead-in. That’s why to be successful in lead generation; you need multiple routes and platforms. These include drop forms on your website, Google Ads, Social Media Advertisements, among other.

Don’t: Stick with one route of lead generation: The first and worst mistake you will probably make is sticking with one route of lead generation. Where are you going to get your leads from to keep your business thriving if your only source of lead generation suddenly stops working? You need to be ahead of the game. Multiple lead sources equals to more leads and more chances of having lots of successful lead generation.

Do: Provide great content: To keep your leads engaged and interested in what you are selling them, you need to ensure that what you are posting out is good quality, and not just a load of jumbled up words on a page, whether it is on Social Media or blogs on your website. Creating a plethora of great content does take time to build up and you should be constantly writing blogs and articles that are converting people who land on your page into leads. You have to work hard as successfully generating leads is not easy. Taking the time to write blogs shows that you want to offer value and more importantly, help your customers.

Don’t: Simply start writing: Although you may think that the more content you have out there, the better, you need to create great content that is going to keep people engaged! To create the best content possible that is aimed directly at your target market, you should analyse your audience thoroughly, find out exactly what they want to learn about and then use your knowledge or do some deep research. Think about the keywords they might use, be strategic in your manner and use this to make sure they find your content quickly and easily. You will generate more successful leads and be more successful in your lead generation by taking your time in creating content.

Do: Accentuate value at every step of the customer’s journey: You need to ensure that you are showing and telling your customers the value that you are providing them, whether they land on your page through a targeted advertisement or whilst looking up keywords through the Google search engine, which has led them to your blog. What content you are providing them is the best value may be a blog post, a video or even an email? Tell them the value you are providing and that they will not be able to find that value anywhere else.

Don’t: Constantly promote: You seem to constantly have promotions through in your face, wherever you look in the digital and outside world. To potential customers, you should not be constantly promoting and hard selling. Your traffic can and will get bored very quickly and then leave your website! If you are forcing the sale too much, your potential customers won’t want to purchase from you. Create subtle ways of promotion, dropping hints at the exceptional value your business can offer them. Have lead generation that first and foremost creates brand awareness and then convinces people to become a lead, rather than having lead generation that is promotion. Successful lead generation isn’t always about selling right away! It’s about nurturing and feeding your target market value.

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