The 5 Biggest Challenges for CMOs in 2024

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The 5 Biggest Challenges for CMOs in 2024

A CMO is responsible for overseeing multiple moving components in the strategy, development, execution, and monitoring of a marketing campaign. The difficulties facing CMOs are anticipated to become even more complicated in 2024, given the current market’s rapid developments.

The marketing function has seen an exponential revolution because of emerging technologies like AI. In addition to the challenge of increasing first-party data gathering, CMOs are confronted with the collapse of third-party cookies.

In addition, there are the standard problems, which include cutting back on spending, managing personnel, controlling the customer experience, building a strong brand, and so forth.

With the upcoming fiscal year, CMOs need to be well-versed in potential marketing obstacles in order to effectively navigate them.

What challenges should CMOs prepare for in 2024?

Experiencing budget constraints:

For CMOs, achieving marketing objectives on a tight budget is a major problem. According to reports, 71% of CMOs lacked the marketing funding necessary to carry out their digital marketing initiatives effectively.

How do you tackle budget constraints as a CMO?

  • Make ROI tracking a priority and allocate resources appropriately.
  • Make use of affordable digital platforms such as social media and emails.
  • Eliminate the channels that are wasting time and money without producing outcomes.
  • To cut down on trial and error, spend money on data-driven tactics and marketing automation.


Tracking marketing ROI

Marketing return on investment is being scrutinized more closely than ever due to the present macroeconomic instability. CMOs are now under more pressure than ever to demonstrate a measurable return on their marketing investment.

Although the company’s laser-like emphasis on this is a justified approach, it presents additional challenges for the CMOs. It’s challenging to become an expert at tracking every little element of marketing campaigns because consumer behaviour is always changing.

You need to take into consideration platform specific KPIs and data sources if you use a variety of marketing channels. Consolidating and measuring ROI holistically is challenging when it comes to identifying distinct metrics for each campaign, tracking them continuously, and benchmarking them.

Additionally, you might need to spend money on social media platforms that don’t yield returns right now but can be beneficial in the long run. Thus, another difficulty you can encounter as a CMO is demonstrating their viability in quantitative terms. Furthermore, it could take a few try-and-error attempts to select the attribution model.

How do you tackle ROI tracking challenges as a CMO?

  • Set reasonable expectations and let the stakeholders know about them as soon as possible.
  • Give priority to generating real-time insights so you can quickly adjust to shifting marketplaces.
  • Invest in cutting-edge analytics to ensure precise tracking and monitoring of KPIs.

Acing Data Management

Managing and analysing enormous volumes of data is another difficult aspect of a CMO’s work. The amount of data in today’s dynamic economy is always increasing. For CMOs, gathering data from many sources, such as social media, marketing, website analytics, and client interactions, and guaranteeing precise analysis presents a significant challenge.

The significance of first-party data becomes clear when third-party cookies are removed from the equation, which further complicates the data collection process. In order to make sure that their data management procedures are compliant, CMOs must also navigate stringent data protection requirements like the CCPA and GDPR. A company’s reputation may suffer, and heavy fines may result from breaking these rules.

How do you tackle data management challenges as a CMO?

  • Select automation and scalable data analytics options.
  • Give priority to a MaaS-based, data-driven marketing approach.
  • Accept CRM programs that have a lot of integrations.
  • Keep abreast of the evolving compliance regulations.

Scaling Customer Experience Management

Marketers need to make sure the experience is in line with the evolving expectations of their clients.

But as we’ve just covered, consumer preferences and expectations are always changing. For CMOs, managing the customer experience has become quite challenging due to the fluctuating expectations of consumers.

Throughout all touchpoints, you need to create a personalized and seamless customer experience, from the initial contact to the after-purchase.

You must thus have a thorough awareness of the consumer journey. Your marketing strategy won’t drive ROI and meet customer expectations until then.

How do you tackle CX management challenges as a CMO?

  • Use an omnichannel strategy to address every potential point of contact.
  • Work together with other departments—like sales and product design—and make an investment in a CRM system that offers real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Maintain a crisis management strategy to swiftly bounce back from unfavourable client experiences.

Building a Strong Employer Brand

Hiring top marketing talent requires more than merely posting job openings, as the battle for talent acquisition is becoming fiercer. In order to draw in the most talented applicants, CMOs must establish a powerful employer brand. It not only raises spirits but also improves output and company expansion.

It is, nevertheless, a huge difficulty for CMOs to outperform their competitors here. The organizational culture and other measures of employee satisfaction need to be improved holistically. It is imperative that you provide an employee-focused image, pay competitively, and offer opportunities for career advancement.

How do you tackle employer branding challenges as a CMO?

  • Establish a compelling and sincere employee value proposition.
  • To assist staff in acquiring new skills, make training and development investments.
  • Launch employee advocacy initiatives to build your company’s social media presence.

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