How to Use Webinars in Your 2024 Content Strategy?

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If you have the right approach, a carefully developed webinar marketing strategy can propel your content marketing initiatives from good to great.

Webinars have become a powerful marketing tool by allowing you to reach a wider audience, improving the brand’s credibility

, and generating high-value leads.

Let us show you how to plan, create, and execute a successful webinar content strategy.

Who Attends Webinars?

Most business owners or executives join webinars. But webinar attendees can be of any age, gender, or income group, such a

s people who want to further their careers, pursue their passions, or find entertainment.

As per the statistics, 27% of webinar attendees want to learn more about their passions or hobbies. 24% attend webinars to get entertained, while 18% attend as a way to grow their careers.

Why do people host webinars to build authority or pivot their business? The answer is that because of their utility, impact, and low costs, webinars are trending in business, and not only this, but webinars also serve to “humanize” your brand, increase sales, educate new customers, and increase buyer confidence.

Leveraging webinars in your content strategy

Below are strategies that can be used to plan, host, and market a successful webinar:

Identify your webinar marketing goals: To determine the formats and topics you need to cover in your webinar, you have to first understand your goals. This will also help you decide the webinar platform and content distribution channels you should use.

Webinars are versatile, allowing you to achieve various business goals, such as:

  • Generating more leads
  • Educating or onboarding customers
  • Building brand authority and loyalty
  • Promoting products or services
  • Publicizing new partnerships
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Humanize your brand and nurture leads

Choose the right presenters: You should find the right educators, influencers, and other subject matter experts as your presenters after you have decided on your webinar’s topic. Inviting expert presenters not only improves the value and overall quality of your webinar content but also leverages their reach to reel in more attendees and increase your webinar’s exposure when it goes live.

Build your webinar content: To put together a solid webinar script, you will have to work closely with presenters. Create an outline with key talking points to make the webinar more organic and authentic. Also, presenters must be given some legroom to freely express their thoughts.

Along with your webinar script, also prepare any additional materials you might need, including infographics, data visualizations, slideshow presentations, videos, and more.

If you have a tight webinar timeline, outsource content creation to trusted freelancers and agencies and make them aware of your business goals and target audience.

Incorporate interactivity: Time to engage and interact with your audience must be allocated when you plan your webinar. You have to make your audience feel like they’re attending an actual, live event and not watching a pre-recorded video.

Five simple ideas to make your webinar more interactive are:

  • Interviewing select attendees
  • Hosting a Q&A segment
  • Tell attendees to do something (visit a page, download a resource, launch an app, etc.).
  • Asking icebreaker questions
  • Use interactive webinar tools (polls, quizzes, etc.).

Boost attendance with a concierge chatbot: Streamline the registration process and automate reminders for webinar attendees by using a concierge chatbot.

As per the statistics, only 44% of registered users actually attend webinars live.

Strategic follow-ups that remind attendees a few hours before the webinar starts will improve the percentage of attendees. Creating a concierge chatbot is a great way to automate webinar registration and follow-ups.

Pick the right webinar platform: According to your goals, budget, and timeline, you must choose the perfect platform for your webinar. Think about the features you need to host your specific webinar and effectively convey your message. After that, look for the webinar platform that provides everything you need at the best price.

The top four webinar platforms for different ideas and budgets are:

  • GoToWebinar
  • Stealth Seminar
  • ClickMeeting
  • Zoom

Pay attention to what happens next: To make sure that attendees remember your event, you have to design an enriching post-webinar experience.

Offering downloadable content is a simple yet effective approach. Downloadable content can include white papers, industry reports, eBooks, and templates. If your webinar marketing goal is to generate sales, you can also promote exclusive offers and discount codes.


Webinars are not just content pieces; they are entire, impactful experiences that can engage your target audience, solidify your authority, and exceed your content marketing goals. Remember the tips above to build a successful webinar content strategy and reintroduce your brand in a more authentic and compelling light.

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