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What 8 Skills Do Marketers Need to Use AI Effectively?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to be important in marketing, but in order to use AI effectively, marketers need to acquire certain abilities.

The following eight competencies are necessary for marketers to effectively employ AI:

Data Analysis and Interpretation:

Why it’s important: Data is essential to AI. For marketers to obtain valuable insights, they must possess the ability to analyse vast amounts of data.

Skills to develop:

Competence with data analysis software.

Comprehension of statistical ideas.

The capacity to successfully interpret and convey findings.

Machine Learning Fundamentals:

Why it’s important: Algorithms for machine learning are the foundation of many AI applications in marketing. Marketers must have a basic understanding of these algorithms’ operations.

Skills to develop:

Fundamentals of algorithms for machine learning.

Knowledge of popular ML systems and tools.

Understanding customer behavior:

Why it’s important: AI is frequently used in marketing to forecast and shape consumer behavior. Marketers must comprehend the behavior and psychology of their customers.

Skills to develop:

Customer journey mapping.

Behavioural analysis.

Persona development.

Adaptability and continuous learning:

Why it’s important: AI technologies are developing quickly. Marketers must be flexible and keep up with the most recent developments.

Skills to develop:

Commitment to continuous learning.

Stay informed about AI trends and updates.

Coding and Technical Skills:

Why it’s important: A rudimentary understanding of coding and technical principles is helpful when working with data scientists and AI specialists, but not every marketer needs to be a programmer.

Skills to develop:

Basic coding skills (Python is often used in AI).

Understanding of APIs and integrations.

Creativity and Strategy:

Why it’s important: AI can improve strategic planning and creativity. Marketers need to be able to think creatively and integrate data-driven insights.

Skills to develop:

Creative problem-solving.

Strategic thinking in the context of AI applications.

Ethical Considerations:

Why it’s important: AI in marketing brings up moral issues like bias and data privacy. Marketers must carefully handle these challenges.

Skills to develop:

Understanding of ethical considerations in AI.

Knowledge of privacy regulations.

Collaboration and Communication:

Why it’s important: Teams from different departments often work together to create AI. To effectively collaborate and communicate with data scientists, IT specialists, and other stakeholders, marketers need to possess good communication and teamwork abilities.

Skills to develop:

Clear communication of marketing goals and expectations.

Collaboration in a multidisciplinary environment.


By developing these abilities, marketers may help create more clever, data-driven, and morally-driven marketing strategies in addition to making effective use of AI. Furthermore, as the AI landscape develops further, it will be imperative to maintain curiosity and an open mind toward emerging technology.


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