6 Ways to Promote Your Business with Social Media Contest

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When done well, social media contests may increase your following, engagement, and yes, even revenues! It’s no longer only for entertainment purposes.

By incorporating social media competitions into their marketing approach, BHU Foods saw a 35% boost in their online sales. Another company, Hydroflask, began with just 300 Instagram followers and has since amassed a whopping 500,000. Their primary tactic?

You guessed it: competitions on social media!

There’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” and an easy-to-follow methodology that will help you get more out of a contest than just more followers.

Let’s look at the top six ways you may use social media competitions for your company.

Promote Your Best-Selling Product

Do you sell a product that is in high demand all the time or a fan favorite? Utilize social media competitions to increase product awareness.

For instance, the Ringly Luxe Smart Bracelet is this brand’s best-selling item. It strikes the ideal mix between jewelry and technology. Users can track their meditation and exercise routines, among many other things. Therefore, it was not shocking that their online giveaway was a huge success. When followers discovered that they could win their preferred goods for free, they seized the opportunity.

You might even go one step further and emphasize in your contest caption the extra advantages of your product. Since social media contests receive a lot of engagement, treat them like miniature product advertisements in order for competitors to understand why you’re the buyer’s first pick and why your prize is valuable. You will definitely witness an increase in contest entries, engagement, and possibly sales.

Get user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is similar to the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to establishing trust, user-generated content outperforms brand self-promotion tenfold. This likely explains why, according to 85% of customers, user-generated material has more influence than brand images or films.

It makes it easier for followers to see themselves using a product before they buy it. You can include user-generated content in your social media contest and strategy because it is far more trusted than traditional advertising.

Every year, Backcountry, an online retailer of outdoor clothing and accessories, holds a competition. Participants are asked to submit pictures of their most #GoatWorthy locations and experiences.

The winner would receive $500 worth of Backcountry travel essentials in addition to a two-night stay at one of the seven Under Canvas locations. The contest went viral with a prize that large, receiving over 715,722 posts on Instagram alone under the hashtag #GoatWorthy.

Increase Sales with a Buy-to-Enter Social Media Contest Entry

Organize a giveaway that benefits you in return. Request purchases from your followers in order to participate in the social media competition.

It’s a win-win strategy for your company. In addition to drawing entrants, it increases online traffic and revenues as well as those of your physical business.

When 7-Eleven held their Instagram Mystery Slurpee Contest, they acted in this manner. Participants needed to:

  • Observe the Slurpee Instagram account of 7-Eleven.
  • Post a picture, a video, or a GIF indicating your best estimate for which three flavors the “Mystery Slurpee” contains.

Of course, you had to purchase a Slurpee in order to submit your entry.

Get Reviews and Testimonials from Your Social Media Contest

Reviews on social media are as significant as UGC. They both strengthen the legitimacy of your brand and influence potential clients to choose you.

Eighty-six percent of consumers read reviews for local companies, particularly hotels and restaurants, according to BrightLocal’s annual consumer review poll. Additionally, their poll showed that before trusting a firm, customers often examine an average of ten online evaluations.

Entering social media contests to get product feedback is a great way to interact with your audience. Additionally, brag to anyone who happens to scroll by about your fan base.

When Kopari Beauty hit the 100,000-follower milestone, they held a giveaway. They requested that fans tag a buddy and leave comments on their top products. Following the giveaway, they discovered that the majority of participants had tagged their well-known Kopari Coconut Body Milk and Coconut Crush Scrub. They made the decision to market the two together as the Bodycare Dream Team product line.

Find Influencers with Your Social Media Contest

Have a giveaway with an influencer if you want to increase awareness of your brand.

Social networks Influencers bring a ready-made audience from across social media, eager to interact with your business. Influencer marketing’s ascension to the top three most popular marketing strategies over the previous three years should therefore not be surprising.

The skincare company No.7 USA made the decision to collaborate on a new product giveaway with over 20 influencers, including Instagram mom Chi-Lan Lieu. The secret of their achievement? They employed well-known influencers who frequently used their items in order for their fans to receive a candid assessment.

Use contest hashtags to promote your brand awareness.

Using hashtags saves internet users the trouble of doing tedious searches to find material. In order to maximize the discoverability of a hashtag you developed; you will need to boost interaction with it. This entails encouraging others to click on your hashtag on social media, retweet, and utilize it in posts.

Using a clever spin on their tissue rolls, Charmin launched an annual Charmin TP Wedding Dress Contest. The hashtag #TPDress quickly became popular on Twitter.

Making a hashtag with your brand can be very simple. It shouldn’t be so lengthy or intricate that typos could occur. Keep in mind that hashtags don’t necessarily go viral quickly; to maximize their impact, utilize them appropriately, and have fun.


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